Is it a good show? I’m organising something very important and is has to run smoothly.
Good. What is important is that the entertainment is adaptable to everyone in the group. Another important factor is how elegant and fun you intend it to be, especially for businesses


How much does it cost, and how long does the performance last?
The shows are reasonably priced and vary in relation to the clients needs. The shows last from a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 to 1 and half hours but they can also be divided over a longer period of time.


Does Darus perform throughout Europe? 
Yes, certainly. He is available in every city throughout Europe. The performance does not require a lot of equipment so it is very adaptable


Which of Darus’ shows are the most interesting?
Every occasion is different from another; the most requested acts are his telepathy demonstrations and classic acts such as his routine with ropes.


Where can Darus perform his shows?
It is possible to see Darus in action at business meetings, street parties, hotels, pubs, campsites and restaurants. Darus is able to work in many different environments for all types of events.


Is the show predefined?
No, the show is planned with the client and is based according to their needs and budget. However shows such as ‘La telecinesi non e la tv di Shangai’ and ‘The Borgia’s dinner’ are also available.


Can the shows be divided into parts?
Depending on the clients needs the show can be divided, for example before and after dinner.


Are the shows more suited to adults or children?
There are some shows which are suitable for adults only such as hypnosis and telepathy but there are also shows suitable for young audiences.


Does the magician Darus include the public in his shows?
Yes, absolutely! Many times throughout the show, members of the public take an active role and they are always fascinated by what happens. No one however is put through any embracement as the public can testify and they are always happy to join in thanks to the atmosphere created during the show.


Does Darus perform magic shows for children?
Yes. He often performs shows for children. He feels that shows where the children and their parents are together are the most gratifying experience an artist can encounter.


Is it possible for Darus to perform more than one show for the same audience?
Yes, off course. If you require a series of shoes for the same audience he can perform over a couple of days and specialise more in magic one day and cabaret the next. Thanks to years of experience working in this field he has a lot of material.


How can I see one of Darus’ shows?
Many of his shows are for private events or companies and are therefore closed to the public. However, Darus occasionally works in the theatre performing in the ‘Casbaret Show’. He also works with the theatre in Livorno called “Corte dei Miracoli” which is dedicated to art and magic.


I know I can hire a cheaper magician. How do you justify your prices?
Two magicians are never the same. People pay for the value of the artist. The costs of his shows are always considered to be reasonable for what he offers. However, Darus always takes into account the budget that is available.


Is it possible to request other forms of entertainment as well?
Darus has connections with many professional entertainers throughout Italy. He has worked with comics, street performers, musicians, jugglers, conjurers, clowns and actors. If you are looking for a high quality performance contact him.


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