Table and Party Magician

Italian mindreader for partiesItalian mentalist for private parties

Darus performs shows for parties, birthdays and celebrations all over Italy,  as an Italian party magician in Milan, Rome, Florence or Venice. Conjuring, mentalism and magic for private parties (for corporate parties  click here).
Birthday parties, celebrations and anniversaries are always the perfect occasions to have fun together.


Darus goes around every table or group and performs simplistic, elegant and noninvasive mini magic shows. These shows are also perfect for buffets and garden parties.

Darus entertains the guests, without the need of a stage, offering light entertainment and leaving pleasant unforgettable memories.

The public assist in demonstrations of mind reading; hypnosis; predicting future events and also classic baffling magic effects.

For cocktail parties, receptions and private dinners Darus can perform special shows lasting from 15 to 40 minutes.

Ideal for creating a fun atmosphere and amazing your guests whilst, adding an original touch to the occasion.

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