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The Italian Illusionist and mentalist Darus performs, with his shows of magic and Mentalism, throughout Italy. You can request a no-obligation quote for. For information about his Illusionist Shows in Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan click here.

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1) Marta Dadda, Marketing Office Merkur Gaming Italy Srl: “.…A handful of hours: so much is enough, Mentalist, to enchant our guests during the fair Enada..”

2) Sabina Alzona. ERG S.p.A: “… I would like to thank you on behalf of the company to the success of his performance at the dinner of the leaders of the ERG group. Our guests were impressed by his skill and  pleasantly intrigued by the different time after close up…”

3) The editors of Cocktailmania – Lombardy Channel: “Darus is not a magician and Mentalist, but a wizard full of enthusiasm for his craft, a man who knows what it’s like to amaze and leave the audience dumbfounded. An excellent professional who hope the success it deserves. “

4) Leonardo Longo, surgeon and endocrinologist, Biomedical University of San Marino: “.… it wasn’t easy to make themselves understood and appreciated by an audience of scientists from 24 different nations of the world, yet the elegance, discretion and the innate skill of the magician conquered all ...”

5) Dr. James m. Bradburne, General Director of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in Florence (Italy): “…his performance is a combination of classic illusions, mixed with a modern sensibility for psychology, timing and surprise, presented in an intimate and reserved that increases, rather than decreases, the impact of illusions“.

6) Gao, Congress Division, MZ Congressi srl: “….Darus was the protagonist of the table hopping performance in English …. on the occasion of the 17th EARCR International Meeting … a show of high quality, very appreciated by the guests, satisfying by far contractual requirements. ”

7) Pasquale D’ambrosio and Stefania Drochi, commercial office, Petriolo Spa Resort &: “…His extraordinary ability is to base everything on the power of the mind in a mysterious manner with the involvement of the public … his numbers were a continued interest, even though we were there to discover the trick … but, nothing, everything was a wow. ..

8) Avv. Francesco Pucci, Managing Director – Grand Hotel & Peace: “...The days of his or her performance was not from the other guests at the hotel have since bis required now for next season … “

Watch an artist at work before hiring is key. Watch the video to understand Darus as its magic and Mentalism adapts to the event for which you’re looking for.

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