Cabaret Shows

Magic cabaret show in Italy - Darus

The title of this show is ‘Telekinesi isn’t a Shangai’tv!’ which is a play on words thought up by Darus himself. The magic is always the main part of the show with lots of comic sketches and paradoxes. The show is perfect for all occasions and has the advantage that it can be divided into different parts. 

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 Darus can also perform with other artists (Stefano Bellani, Carlo Della Santa, Rufus e Lorenzo Soto), depending on which type of show is required. Together the artists perform a show called “Casbaret Show”. It is a mixture of cabaret and magic; ideal for pubs, town squares, conventions and theatres.

 In the ‘Casbaret Show’ every character is unique and each one has there owned highly entertaining comic sketch. It is a varied and original show.

 Many versions of the Casbaret Show are available. In the same location, three different shows can be performed in one evening. A shorter version can also be performed with two artists and a musician.

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