Corporate growth tools


Thanks to the collaboration between the best mental coaches and professional trainers in circulation, and the Darus mentalist have emerged as a powerful business growth tool, among which the ever more demanding and team-building, business cohesion methodology.

Basically, a mental team session with team building goals is divided into two phases:

In the first group are proposed activities with a strong component of spectacularization to engage and enhance performance by removing interference and seeing situations differently, or you can overcome the impossible.

In the second phase, however, the group is divided into teams, each of which is increasingly complex mentality demonstrations, after which each team must work to find out how the experiment was being conducted.

In the end, the lines are pulled up and the results are collected: it is usually the awareness that cognitive obstacles are better off working in teams.


Four days to increase sales, acquire more customers, improve your reputation and your business. Words, gestures, techniques, to create emotions, to break away from the pile and to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Course contents

Communicating effectively
Be attractive
Feed empathy
Generate authority and trust in relationships

Increase the ability to sell, acquire customers, loyalty
Manage and drive a team
Strengthen your leadership
Involve and convey motivation


A motivational event suitable for all business staff, lasting 4 hours and making it more effective for both individual and group work.

Inside the Motivational DAY also:

The power of imagination
(Motivational performance)

To imagine is a way of understanding.
Nothing can exist unless it has been imagined before.
Can you imagine it?

We are here to answer this question.
We are here to do whatever we can imagine.
Imagination can change reality.
We tend to forget how many wonderful things are possible if we first imagine them first.

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