Specific Mentalism Shows

‘The Borgia’s dinner’

This is a piece of bizarre theatrical magic where an atmosphere of fear and irony are il-mentalista-Darus-in-Cesare-Borgiacombined.

Darus impersonates the terrible and cynical Cesare Borgia in such a way that you feel as though you’re being taken back in history and retracing the footsteps of his life. He then invites a few people on stage to take a drink from one of the goblets on the table; however, some of them contain poison. Few will survive and the manipulative powers of Cesare Borgia will be demonstrated once more.

The  piece is very adaptable for private parties, especially at Halloween.  It lasts 10 minutes.

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From the beginning; magic, mentalism, illusionism, performances and theatre have formed the career of the artist Darus.  He formed his acting abilities in Pisa a city famous for its theatrical center, following courses and working in Italy and abroad (in particularly Bologna, Dresda, Livorno, Florence and Lisbon).

He co-starred in theatrical dance shows and played acting roles in comedies without forgetting his magic which he combined to produce his theatrical magic shows.

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Street Entertainment

Darus often performs in  festivals and outdoor theatrical events. His shows are available on request for such occasions.

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For big events, more artists might be required to assure everyone is entertained and all the guests are included. Darus is in a position to select the right artist for the occasion, guaranteeing a high-quality performance.

If more information is required or if you would like to select more artists: info@www.darus.it

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