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    The business performance (congresses, conventions, meetings and gala company) and those of bizarre magic to an audience exclusively adult and / or for special occasions (theme nights, halloween, party at a castle etc. etc.) do not have documentation public not being open to the public and having the need to maintain adequate privacy against the client .

    Find out how they will engage Darus! BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFULMAGAZINE FOR ALL AGES TALENT FORMS AND WHY WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL AND we are worth! © © Nice-mind illusion, magic, show, mystery … or Darus!

    Mentalist Darus is not a magician but whatever a pro and not only in its sector in which is very able.  A graduate in economics, versed and experienced in marketing, with high culture, Darus has what it takes to bring into vogue and in a modern way an ancient art.

    Her show, in great demand, as well as being well organized they have the aura of mystery, the allure of the theater, humor cabaret, the elegance of a well-designed performance.

    Be magicians today is very different from the old days, the public asks for more is not content with illusions or toys magician, he asks to be involved, asking the scene, the atmosphere and especially the news.

    Darus has specialized in all this and knows how to please its devoted audience. Once the wizards you could only see them on TV, now you can have a magician at your exclusive party at festivals, conferences and much more.

    The Wizard is now an elegant and likeable entertainer, magician Darus a perfect showman. But let’s talk directly with him …

    Interview by Francesca Ancona

    1) Why did you choose to become wizards?

    I did other work, I graduated in economics … but it was impossible not to follow the impulse that made ​​me become a magician and mentalist above. From my point of view I could ask, how do you not choose? :-)

    2) Today what the public asks a magician?

    The adult asks two things: to live a bit of mystery, magic in the sense of the word and not discounted like to be recognized in his individuality, then experience a magical staff not “mass” and “mass”.

    3) Darus you practice mentalism, suggestion, hypnosis, mind reading, psychology … where we learn everything we want and psychic abilities or we could all become magicians?

    There are innate and common that, if they are exercised and stimulated allow you to do things that many think is impossible. The border between normal and paranormal is fictitious. What may be normal for me it is not for others. But when I see my mechanic to disassemble and reassemble the engine of my car for me is paranormal.

    4) 🙂 …. You’ve done many shows for famous people. An anecdotal you remember with most emotion or sympathy?

    Surely the time I was hired on the phone for a birthday the day after in Perugia.  The American gentleman I spoke with gave me little information. When I got to the hotel I found that I had to entertain Herbie Hancok, Winnie Colaiuta and Tal Wilkelfeld, three gods of jazz and beyond.
    t was an afternoon very special because we were 4 in a restaurant of a luxury reserved for us and my guests were reacting to what I was screaming, jumping, hugging and embracing me in astonishment and joy. In short, an enthusiasm and a humility uncommon. A good memory really.

    5) you perform in the theater. There is a director? how many of you behind the scenes?

    Sometimes I perform in theaters but is not the most frequent location for me. Often working in business conventions where there is a real stage, so I adapted what I propose to all situations.

    Directed there even if the show is always changing because I like to listen to advice and constantly adjust the shot. Soon, for example, the show will be revisited by a very capable director, which for now I can not name. There ‘plans to make it even more dramatic for those special occasions of other, sometimes they arrive.
    Behind the scenes there is my wife, Louise, who with patience and enthusiasm follows me and recommend me for a lifetime. Can not do without.

    6) Let’s talk about marketing, how much it costs to have a magician at a party or other events?

    Excuse me if I take away. Marketing as you studying at university has 4 levers (product, place, promotion and price). To define one must define also the other. The cachet varies depending on the event, in what I have to / can do, the number of present and so on. The wealthy ladies who want entertainment at his villa not spend anyway as the multinational company that entertains 200 guests on my show in English.

    7) What is the difference between a magician and mentalist a magician, such as the legendary magician Silvan so fashionable in the 70 ‘

    Silvan was the inspiration for me and many like me, and if there was I might not have done this job. So, as they say, thanks for existing. He said that, ‘the mentalist test, unlike the pure magician, to inoculate the doubt in the viewer that what he witnessed is really the result of magic, something that is not artificial or artifact.  It ‘s the last bastion of the unveiling of the mystery and reality.

    8 ) As a child, the mentalist Darus with what was playing?

     As a child I was shy and simultaneously egocentric. Hence the need to find a way to communicate and attract attention, resulted in magic. Soon I began to get me to buy my parents everything that was around who could afford to bring some magic to my friends. Then of course there were also gurmiti era and certainly not them disdegnavo.

    9) Your dream?

    Adhering to only look professional (otherwise the dreams would be much more relevant mainly related to a company that could be better) I would say that my dream would be to be able to achieve a real theatrical tour around Italy and then who knows even outside . But they are patient who knows that sooner or later …

    Darus was born in Rome, where he began his artistic career in some small traveling circuses, as a magician. It is then formed by actor at the center of Pisa university theater, and through seminars and collaborations in Italy and abroad (Bologna, Livorno, Milan, Florence, Lisbon, Dresden). He has held acting roles in companies commedia dell’arte theater and dance. He contributed to the end of the fifth trophy for emerging cabaret of Modena and the first trophy of the magic of San Martino di Castrozza, organized by Tony Binarelli where he finished third.
    For 15 years, his professional entertainment caters to companies and individuals throughout Italy.

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