Reviews of international clients of Mentalist Darus

    On this page, you will find the opinions, comments and reviews of Darus’ clients, collected after seeing his show:

    Ronnie Johansson –  CEO at Husse – Stockholm:

    “…super interesting, super professional and magical. Your performance was fantastic tonight…. Thanks a lot, keep it up…

    Lars Larsson Qaddoum –  Chief Training Officer – JS World Media

    “…from the bottom of my heart I recommend the mentalist Darus and his fantastic show.”

    Mickey Feming – Country Manager Europe – American International Industries

    “…absolutely incredible….He performed for 50 minutes in front of 170 people….
    thank you DArus, it was amazing”

    Mr Manmeet Chhabra –  Head Spare parts, Network & Business development at Mahindra Europe srl

    “….excellent entertainer, incredible mentalist, a must for everybody…”

    Tom Eliasson – Chairman Husse Pet Quality Nutrition“…very good show..and people are in amazing…”

    Jan Voit – Senior Manager Datev eG: “I saw Darus and was very impressed. …Excellent.”

    Claudio Mantegazza – Chief Procurement Officer – Industrie De Nora  (mentalism show for corporate event in Milan)

    Stephen Street – Purchasing Director Ocrim Spa reviews Mentalist Darus after his show in Milan

    • Giuseppe Rigano Avvocato TaxPartner -Studio Associato Servizi Professionali Integrati Member Crowne Horwart International (Spettacolo di mentalismo in inglese presso Hotel Principe di Savoia Milano):
    • Direttore Vendite Mattel Italia – Dimitris Elaiotrivaris (Milano)