Mentalist Milan

    mentalist to emerge in Milan and Lombardy must be characterized by artistic thickness and charisma.

    Darus performs frequently, successfully in several Milanese salons , bringing with his performance, a touch of elegance , originality and mystery .

    Many are also the companies that use Darus for large or exclusive business evenings .Prestigious locations where it performs, from the hotel Bulgari to the Prince of Savoy , theParis hotel at the Townhouse Gallery , as well as small and large private villas and private homes .

    The numbers that characterize Darus and make it an attraction sought by companies and individuals are related to experiments of reading thought, telepathy, clairvoyance and are proposed and made to leave an indelible memory in the memory of the present.

    Its mentalism is integrated into the private parties for adults, cocktails, inaugurations and festive events, entertaining guests and meeting at an event , a gala evening or a corporate meeting, in Milan as well as throughout Lombardy and northern Italy .


    In these events, Darus can perform on a number of micromagia traveling to guest tables or with a show featured on a platform / stage , depending on the needs of customers. Spells and magic numbers fit on the occasion , bearing in mind that Darus has a flexible show without great technical necessity that provides a strong interaction with viewers and can be proposed in English for an international audience.