The Mentalism of the Imagination

The mentalist show for online events in an exceptional exclusive format.

Savour the power of imagination from your living room.

Touch with a digital hand, accompanied by the international mentalist Darus what seemed impossible.

Suitable for an audience of 1 to 5.000 people, and it is the first time in history that, from the United States to India, from Australia to the United Kingdom, you can book and participate in a Darus show directly from the comfort of your own home.

Online mentalist show Darus

The protagonists will be the connected people.The performance can last from 15 to 60 minutes and includes a continuous interaction with the guests, witnesses and creators of incredible thought reading experiments through the screen

Mentalist Darus, thanks to his many years of experience in live shows, all over Europe, for audiences of all types and sizes, offers what is considered one of the best performances of virtual mentalism available on the world market in English language.

Ideal for private parties and online corporate events with an audience connected (via zoom) from anywhere in the world.


Upon request, themes, images, slogans or specific content can be included to customize the show according to the client’s needs.


Not to be confused with a passive viewing of a video on TV or Youtube. Darus’performance is liveemotionally, involving and interactive. Imagine a video call on Facetime, Whatsapp or Skype chatting with Darus. in real time and where he will read your mind or predict your choices. The people who watch are an essential part of the show and will be involved in as many as possible.

Ask for more information about the online show with Darus.

Dates and times to be agreed upon together.

Cell. +39 3496943662


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Il Mentalista DARUS è un mago, prestigiatore, illusionista, spettacoli di magia per feste ed eventi, compleanni, matrimoni e cene aziendali. Aree cui opero: Emilia-Romagna Bologna Cesena Ferrara Forlì Modena Parma Piacenza Ravenna Reggio Emilia Rimini Lombardia Bergamo Brescia Como Cremona Lecco Lodi Mantova Milano Pavia Sondrio Varese Veneto Belluno Padova Rovigo Treviso Venezia Verona Vicenza Friuli Venezia Giulia Gorizia Pordenone Trieste Udine Marche Ancona Ascoli Piceno Macerata Pesaro Urbino Abruzzo Chieti L'Aquila Pescara Teramo Basilicata Toscana Arezzo Firenze Grosseto Livorno Lucca Massa Carrara Pisa Prato Pistoia Siena Trentino Alto Adige Bolzano Trento Umbria Perugia Terni Valle D'Aosta Lazio Frosinone Latina Rieti Roma Torino Viterbo Liguria Genova Imperia La Spezia Savona Calabria Campania Napoli Molise Puglia Sardegna Sicilia e Canton Ticino
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