Corporate, Fairs And Trade Mentalist in Italy

    In the exhibitions, companies spend thousands of euro on their own stands to attract old and new customers and promote their products and services but often passers-by do not give even a glance and move on.

    Darus: the corporate magician/mentalist in Italy, Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice.

    If the event is organized for the purpose of public relations, to get contacts or a combination of both, two things are crucial to achieving your goals:
    1) stop people who walk
    2) communicate your message

    The show of the corporate magician Darus attracts the attention of these people by involving them in entertainment and instilling in their interest and amazement.

    Your team will thus have the opportunity to meet, talk and exchange information with many people.

    The trade show mentalist /magician Darus can create a  unique presentation for your stand, able to intrigue passers-by until they stop and communicate a message, amusing and affecting us. By structuring the texts about your products Darus ensures that those attending the fair will be informed and entertained at the same time.
    This can be done  for a large audience or for more  intimate situations depending on the needs.

    Hire a Virtual Mentalist for Corporate Events

    What is important to know:

    You do not need an extra space at the stand;

    You will create presentations suited to the individual needs of your company;

    A nice presentation and interactive keeps people at your booth longer;

    The initial crowd attracts more viewers to your booth;

    The show provides an additional reminder of your product;

    With 2-3 hour performance, there is sufficient time for your salespeople talk to interested customers;

    If you do not do something to attract potential customers, your competitors could do so

    Darus working with your team before the show to learn about products and services in order to
    create a presentation useful to accentuate the qualities of these, highlighting the strengths.

    Darus promote your products with experience, humor and personality through effects and texts made to help the sale.
    The magical performance of Darus at fairs and trade shows are an excellent vehicle for

    Provide client-friendly image of your company

    To generate interest, inform and entertain at your booth

    Highlight the benefits and objectives of your company and the main characteristics of
    your products and services

    Find new business contacts and potential clients

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